Meet the Team

With more than 16 years of experience, you can trust our highly qualified team with your hair. We operate 2 different salons in the West Glamorgan area – one in Fforestfach and one in Skewen – with a full range of services to meet your exact requirements. Our team understand how important it is for your hair to be fully styled the way that you like, and work hard to give you the results that you desire.

Fforestfach Salon

Kaylee Palf: Salon Manager of Fforestfach

“Hi, I'm Kaylee. I started my career back in 2008 as an apprentice. I love all aspects of hairdressing, especially creative colouring and cutting. I enjoy the social aspect of hairdressing as well as seeing my clients leave the salon with a great smile on their face after I provide them with a great service. I enjoy leading and supporting this great team, and it’s been awesome to see our achievements recognised over the last few years by us winning numerous awards and accolades.”


Gemma: Stylist at Fforestfach

“Hi, I'm Gemma. I have had a passion for hairdressing ever since I did my work experience in a salon at the age of 14. It was at that point I knew it was going to be the career for me. I have recently returned to hairdressing after taking a short break to start a family. I have been hairdressing since 2001. I love the professionalism and energy that the team have at The Hair Lounge.”


Katie: Apprentice at Fforestfach

“Hi there, I'm Katie. I started my career in hairdressing in the summer of 2017. I'm a fully qualified beautician and I fancied a change of career but still wanted to remain in the industry. When I went for an interview at The Hair Lounge and I knew what training I would be given, I knew it was the salon for me to kick-start my career in hair.”


Adrian: Stylist at Fforestfach

“Hello, I’m Adrian and I started my apprenticeship in 2011. I really enjoy all aspects of my job, especially creative cutting, colouring, and hair-up styles. I love my work colleagues, which makes working at The Hair Lounge by Marc Isaac a pleasure. I also love my clientele as I have established a really great relationship with my regulars and am always delighted when a new client comes my way.”


Abbie: Apprentice at Fforestfach

“Hi, I'm Abbie. I started at The Hair Lounge in early 2017 as a Saturday girl. As soon as I left school I started my apprenticeship at the salon - I couldn't wait to start full time. I love the atmosphere there and the work that everyone produces is amazing. I can’t wait to finish my training to start on clients myself.”

Keiffer Sweeney

“Hey, I'm Keiffer. I specialise in colouring and cutting and have over 6 years experience.” - Keiffer is part of the Skewen team.

Skewen Salon


Tara: Stylist at Skewen

“Hey, I'm Tara. I have been hairdressing since 2012. I qualified my levels 2 and 3 in college and couldn't wait to get into a salon. I love creating bespoke colours for my clients by mixing and documenting my own formulas to use on them. Since starting at The Hair Lounge, I have been on many courses that included how to apply, maintain, and remove a varied range of hair extensions. My client base for extensions have gone through the roof and you can instantly see a boost in confidence as soon as I have finished – it’s great to be able to give that to someone.”


Sam: Stylist at Skewen

“Hello, I'm Sam. I have been hairdressing since 2006 where I started as an apprentice. From then my love for working in a salon grew. I love all aspects of my job but I have always been excited by beautiful blondes and colour changes. I graduated and got my colour degree with Wella several years ago, and to be able to bring this knowledge to the salon is great. Since working for The Hair Lounge, it’s reignited my passion for salon life and I get excited about going to work.”


Kim: Stylist at Skewen

“Hi, I'm Kim. I fell in love with hairdressing when I started as an apprentice in 2012. A big proportion of my passion for hair is the fact that it’s a tailored service. It’s a constant motivation that allows me to be creative every day and that's what I really enjoy. I feel I fit in perfectly at The Hair Lounge and it’s inspiring to be working with such knowledgeable people.”


Caitlin: Apprentice at Skewen

“Hello, I'm Caitlin. I started my apprenticeship at The Hair Lounge back in 2016 and I love every minute of it. My training so far has been amazing! So far, I love colouring hair the most, especially using balayage techniques as every client gets a bespoke look. I can’t wait to start my cutting training next, and then I can start building my own client base at the salon."


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